Tulsa -> Wichita -> Dodge City 2/9/11

4 Sep

More tolls getting out of Oklahoma. Now I’m in Kansas, thought I’d check out Wichita as it had a cool name, that may have been a mistake as I couldn’t really find anything there, apparently I’m wrong though as according to a waitress they have Tornado’s. It wouldnt have been so bad if it wasnt 110degs.

I was warned Kansas could be a bit boring, apologies to anyone who lives there or likes it but I really hated it, like riding though hell on a motorcycle (A/C would have helped) It is really flat and that is about it.

Hang-on, according to a sign Greensburg has 2 of Kansas’s 8 wonders; unfortunately even the deepest hand dug well in the world or a meteorite couldnt make me stop in this place… until I got to Mullinville (?) What the hell is this:

This I will stop for, very strange, it was about 1/4 of a mile long of weird wind sculptures, I have no idea what it was all about, but I liked it.

Oh and they had the worlds largest coffee cup collection:

OK, getting excited now only 34 miles to Dodge city.

It sounds cool, old frontier town… errr…. I hope it looks better in the morning light, so far all I have seen is Abattoirs and it stinks of dead animals.

6 Responses to “Tulsa -> Wichita -> Dodge City 2/9/11”

  1. T September 4, 2011 at 18:23 #

    How about tracing yr route on google maps? I’m too lazy to look it up myself.

    Where you going to be on 9/11 ?

    • lo-fi September 9, 2011 at 18:34 #

      Done, 9/11 will be in LA my brother Paul is flying in that day!

  2. Amy September 4, 2011 at 18:38 #

    Those wind sculptures would have looked creepy in the dead of the night! Remember Collector?

  3. Paul September 4, 2011 at 23:45 #

    Any suspect tow trucks following you or children running into corn fields????

    • lo-fi September 9, 2011 at 18:33 #

      hahah it has that look about it bro.

  4. Dad September 5, 2011 at 23:38 #

    Actually looks a bit creepy like something out of a B grade horror movie !!

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