Dodge City -> Colorado 3/9/11

6 Sep

OK so Dodge City was a little better the next day, helped that the wind was blowing the otherway. The old part of town was still pretty good considering they knocked down most of the buildings in the 60’s(?)

High density housing: Back on the road again, and another reason to not like Kansas, they seem to think its a good idea to pen up thousands of cattle in small pens with no grass just dirt/mud and feed them corn, (cause we all know how much cows like corn?!) If they didnt have all their fields planted in corn the cows could probably live like normal cows. This picture is actually one of the more spacious living arrangements, some of them were really bad but I couldnt find anywhere to stop to take a picture.

It was quite a relief to get out of KN and in to Colorado, I was following the ‘Santa Fe trail’ most of the way and the temp had dropped over 15deg C by the next day.

I’ve got a bunch of photos that I need to upload that this computer wont let me, so I’ll save the update till then, I’ll just say I didnt break any records on the Pikes Peak run (for those of you who know what that is.)

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