Dust devils(?) in the Nevada Desert

11 Sep

As I was riding through Nevada I saw about 5-6 of these. This one was really big but by the time I got my camera out it had died down and moved away.

Here is the semi-technical explanation:

Dust devils form when intense solar heating warms the air right along the surface of the Earth. The warmer air will rise, and if conditions are right, the air may start to rotate. If there is a plentiful supply of this hot air near the surface, the dust devil will continue to grow as the supply of hot air continues to rush into the vortex and feed it.

In appearance, they resemble a desert tornado, but they are not attached to a cloud. In fact, they are usually seen on cloudless days because the Earth’s surface has to absorb a lot of solar energy to heat the air near the ground to allow dust devils to form.

So basically it was really freaking hot, especially when you have a leather jacket, long pants and boots on.

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