Mexico 18/09/11

22 Sep

After being in Yuma for about 10minutes we decided to go over the border in to Mexico, most people had warned us not to go because of the cartel problems etc, so we ignored them and went anyway. We were after some genuine Mexican food. leaving the bike at the border, California side, we walked across, seemed a little strange that no one stopped us to ask any questions or anything like that, but I guess there isn’t a lot to smuggle in to Mexico. We never did end up finding any food which was also strange (maybe it was afternoon nap time or something?) everything apart from the bottle shop and the pharmacy were closed. Coming back in to Cali was a different story, passport checks and plenty of questions, computer broke down, then got hassled again when we went to pick up the bike, the opened my camera up checked behind the lens etc… most of them were friendly enough though. 

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