Missoula -> Bozeman (Montana) 05/10/11

7 Oct

With two days of rain forecasted and possible snow it was a short ride today (still 200 miles) Ive checked in at a place called Bozeman which is very approiate as it is a main location in the book I am reading “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” which incidentally has very little to do with Motorcycle maintenance or Zen. however it has an altitude of 6-7,000 ft so if the snow hits I’m in trouble.

This motel is great value ~$50 for a good sized room, there is also a pool with spa and water slide, gym etc:

I just finished my book, was a very interesting read, I didn’t agree with a couple of things he talks about but I really enjoyed the way it was written and a lot of the ideas in there are very good. Some of the philosophy was a bit over my head, but you get that (well I do anyway) I give it a 4/5 star rating (maybe 4.5).

I picked up the 3 books of the Border trilogy in Portland so that is my next bit of American literature to read. According to my English teacher at school “my” sentences were too long and had a lack of punctuation, really?

It came boring out of the east like some ribald satellite of the coming sun howling and bellowing in the distance and the long light of the headlamp running through the tangled mesquite brakes and creating out of the night the endless fence line down the dead straight right of way and sucking it back again wire and post mile on to mile in to the darkness where the boiler smoke disbanded slowly along the faint new horizon and the sound came lagging and he stood still holding his hat in his hands in the passing ground-shudder watching till it was gone.

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