Detroit, Michigan (& Football) 14/10/11 -> 17/10/11

16 Oct

Leaving Chicago, I rode for about 4 hours in to Michigan where my buddy lives. I’ve been staying with him and his parents for a couple of days. They have been great and made me feel right at home.

College football (Gridiron) is super popular over here and MSU (Michigan State University) were playing their rivals Michigan University on Saturday. I really wanted to experience a football game while I was here so this seemed like the right opportunity.

My friend is a really big fan who has season tickets and goes to every game. At 5:30am we woke up and left the house at 6am with a couple of other friends, then drove north to Lansing where the college and stadium are located. First stop was a friends house where the beer drinking and games started around 7am. After spending a couple of hours there we went to join the Tailgating. Tailgating is where people go to the parking lots and stadium grounds before a game to drink and eat from the “tailgate” of a vehicle. This was pretty mad, thousands of people were gathered and partying when we arrived, after finding a spot we set up our gear and did what you do at these things:

Everything is big in America.

Some of you may recognize this guy above on the right.

This device is called a shot-ski!

By the time the game had started one of the other guys and me still didn’t have any tickets, the ones we had found online were $175 each for the cheapest single seats (remember this is a college game not a pro game!) The people that were going in to the game did and some of the Tailgaters went off to watch the game on TV, Brian and I tried to buy some tickets off scalpers at the gate, we were eventually successful even tho they stil cost us $115 each, but at least they were together and they were great seats (17 rows back on the 30 yard line)

The stadium was amazing, 75,000 people all going crazy, lucky the right team won (MSU). The games are quite long, the timer is only 4x 15min quarters but the timer is stopped a lot, so the game lasts ~2-3hours

After the game the fun didn’t end the party continued until 1-2am the next day. We crashed on one of Ian’s friends couches and headed back to Detroit a bit later on that morning. Its going to be a very slow day today!

2 Responses to “Detroit, Michigan (& Football) 14/10/11 -> 17/10/11”

  1. lloydois October 16, 2011 at 20:27 #

    I thought I was the only one with an abomination on my head!

    • lo-fi October 16, 2011 at 22:18 #

      you best not be bad mouthing my hat!

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