Happy Hollerpalooza 22/10/2011

24 Oct

After sitting out a day of bad weather in a Motel in Cincinnati, I made it back down to the hospitable south.

I was lucky to be taken to Hollerpalooza, (not to be confused with Lollapalooza) it is an event held in a part of Tennessee called ‘Happy Holler’ (yep, that is its real name.) Anyway it’s sort of a street festival with stalls, live music, a motorcycle show and the Tennessee Belly Dancers.

It would have been interesting enough as it was, except when we arrived the band was rocking out at one end of the street, and at the same time the belly dancers were trying to do their thing at the other end of the street, so the middle eastern tunes were mixed in with electric guitars. I was too busy trying to drag Doug away from the dancers that I forgot to take their picture.

The bikes were pretty impressive, heaps of vintage stuff and some really creative stuff like this Triumph that had two engines welded together (hard to tell that it wasn’t a factory bike)

Or this completely homemade bike, that had a 4 cylinder Opel (car) engine in it and the coolest hub steering ever seen. It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture but it was huge, probably weighed close to a tonne:

Plenty of other cool machines to look at:

There was also a few unusual cars there, some kid photobombed me just as I clicked. I never noticed at the time… what the hell is he wearing? Kinda looks like a superman costume gone wrong, but it’s still another week till Halloween…

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