NYC -> Washington DC 26/10/2011-27/10/2011

27 Oct

Spent the morning at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), apart from the compulsory 30min wait to check-in any bags it was really incredible, way too much to comfortably see in one day (I almost missed my bus because of it.)

There is a really big variety, famous paintings:

All kinds of household design and beyond, like errrr… Helicopters.

And fonts etc:

Once I got on the bus to Washington DC, I could relax for 4hours, I needed it after covering ~20 miles on foot over the past 3 days.

The weather was forecasted to be pretty bad, but apart from a bit of rain in the morning my day in DC was mint.

First stop Arlington – National cemetery. This is huge and pretty depressing, but I’m glad I saw it:

The White House:

Stopped in at the Smithsonian Air and space museum which was well worth the free entry, loads of Spacecraft, rockets and aeroplanes:

One more museum; the Natural History museum also free, I’ll spare you most of the photos but they did have a cool Dinosaur section:

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