Pop Pop Pop.

5 Nov

Went to the Coal Creek Armory today. Almost 400 rounds later (including 300 of 9mm), a big grin and 2 hours later we walked out. We used my mates handgun collection, a 38 revolver, 9mm semi, Walther P38 and a tiny .22 that you can only use 1 finger to hold.

Then I rented an UZI 9mm submachine gun, say hello to Zombie Fred:

The range was indoor and the staff were friendly and helpful. It was fairly cheap fun considering how much ammo we went through. All sorts of people were there; kids, families and a few dirty Harry wannabes.

A couple of days later we went back and I rented a Desert Eagle 50 cal! (aka Desert Ego) This isn’t a pistol it’s a hand canon, comparison of a 9mm cartridge vs the 50:

When I fired this thing the building shook, everyone stopped and stared, great I love it, can I take it home?

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