The End?

14 Nov

Unfortunately the Trip-meter went round the clock after 9999.9 miles:

11,226 miles or 18,066 kms, quite a long way really, the equivalent of:

Back and forth more than 8 times between Auckland, NZ and Sydney, AU or Auckland to London, UK.

The final map:

Favorite things:

The People, Highway 101/1 (and pretty much everything else I saw and did.)

Least Favorite things:

Riding in the desert and Kansas:

Friendly American people ensured I never once got bored or lonely. The Harley Fatboy was a primo bike for the journey, very comfortable and ultra reliable, thanks Toby! And although I previously hated Harley’s I have developed a new appreciation for them (well for this one at least). Not 100% what I’ll do with the bike now… I’d like to keep it, the East coast is calling…

Pretty sure I’ve got a few Blog posts left, so check by again sometime. Over 1800hits on the Blog, not counting the monkey’s I paid to click, that isn’t too bad.

Special thanks to Doug and Maggie in Tennessee, my American family.

One Response to “The End?”

  1. Toby November 15, 2011 at 13:45 #

    You are very welcome! I am happy that she was reliable and kept you safe on your journey.

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