Eating in Beijing

17 Jul

I was really looking forward to sampling lots of different foods in Beijing.

Things started off a bit disappointing with some pretty average meals of Duck and standard Chinese dishes. After the conference however things improved a lot the few of us that stayed back visited some really cool places and ate the best Peking Duck ever.

I found these at a local market:

If the video didn’t work Click here

And various other delights:

Lizards, baby snakes, big ass spiders, seahorses yum.

The places that had English on the menu were at times more confusing than if it had just been in Mandarin.

Sign Bad fragrant Hairtail:

“Northeast Skin” or “Hand tore the Deer meat?”

The “discolored ears, keeping” were very tempting.

Weird stuff and amusing menu items, but I had some really great meals.

One Response to “Eating in Beijing”

  1. Lloyd July 17, 2012 at 21:18 #

    Thank god my hosts in China insisted on taking me out to non Chinese restaurants most nights!

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