Malo Sa’oloto Tuto’atasi o Sāmoa – 25 September 2012

20 Oct

Arrived in Auckland on the 21st September, Jorel one of my best friends was getting married. The first Stag party was held in Auckland, a night of poker, drinking and errrrr yeh.

Jorel got to wear a Lucha Libre suit

After a quick few days in the homeland, I flew from Auckland to Upolu Island, half the people on the plane (about 50-60 people) were heading to the wedding, the champagne was sold out about 20mins in to the flight

I had always wanted to travel to Samoa but never found the time so this was the perfect excuse.

No exaggeration to say I wouldn’t mind moving here permanently, waking up each morning and eating fresh fruit from the garden followed by pancakes and maple syrup.

Then spend the day lazing by the pool, my place was to budget for a pool so I crashed the nearby resort where most other people were staying. Swimming in the ocean (which was actually warmer than the pool.) Didn’t end up doing a lot else. We hired some Vans and spent one day driving around the Island shame they didn’t have A/C as even with the sliding doors open it was like a sauna. Getting my licence was interesting and basically involved paying some random guy 20Tala to write me a licence on a piece of paper. Lucky I got it though as we were pulled over driving with the doors open, no seat belts, open bottles and probably speeding (the limit was 50km and the speedo didn’t work.) However all he was interested in was seeing my hand written licence.

An Island night at a hotel in Apia, we managed to get Alissa and Jorel up on the stage to show off some moves

I didn’t know this guy could even do press-ups

Samoa’s idea of a water slide park is “Sliding rocks” after walking down (and then back up) way too many steps we reached a series of pools with waterfalls between each pool which was actually damn cool.

Another day I took my godson Xavier out in a kayak we stopped off on a little island and pulled a coconut from the tree, I was a bit dubious but it actually tasted really good.

The wedding was held on the Friday afternoon everything went well, no major issues. Even my ‘best man’ speech seemed well received:

looking good in our ‘ie faitaga’:

Ruby as the flower girl, cute as ever.

Flying back to Australia was the only crappy part to the trip, 19hrs in the airport waiting for engine parts to be changed was not fun. Getting on and then getting off the plane 3 times, each time to be told sorry the motors still won’t start wasn’t that good for confidence either.

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