Hong Kong November 2013

20 Dec

A few photos from the trip to HK and Bangkok.

Hong Kong was great, did some touristy stuff that I haven’t done before like Lantau Island and Tai O. We ate some amazing food too, noodles, dumplings and other tasty stuff.

If I know you, and you want a link to the rest of the pictures let me know and I’ll send it through. Click on the image for a larger size.

DSC00301_DxO_web DSC00303_DxO_web DSC00304_DxO_web DSC00306_DxO_web DSC00307_DxO_web DSC00310_DxO_web DSC00315_DxO_web DSC00389_DxO_web DSC00390_DxO_web DSC00397_DxO_web DSC00406_DxO_web DSC00413_DxO_web DSC00418_DxO_web DSC00419_DxO_web DSC00420_DxO_web DSC00423_DxO_web DSC00431_DxO_web

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