Tokyo, Japan 2014

20 Jul

DSC00805 Just spent 2 weeks in Tokyo for work, had a few days off to explore. Also found some good record shops Here are a few random shots from around Tokyo (click for full image): DSC00867 DSC00834 DSC00832 DSC00831 DSC00830   This place is called “Memory lane” AKA “piss alley” located in the middle of a built-up area in Shinjuku, a small street for drinking beer and eating Yakitori. It was a lot better than the name suggests: DSC00829 DSC00827 DSC00819 DSC00825   DSC00817   errrr… this guy had some badass pipes on his bike…: DSC00816 DSC00809 DSC00807 DSC00811 DSC00777 DSC00785   Visiting the Tsujiki Fish Markets involved meeting up with my work colleagues at 5:30am. It was worth it tho: DSC00906 DSC00907 DSC00905 DSC00895 DSC00891 DSC00890 DSC00889   Was almost sick of sushi by the end of the trip… DSC00910

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