Tokyo Robot restaurant 2014

20 Jul

Having been advised not to order the food when going to a restaurant is a bit strange… but this is no normal restaurant. Probably not worth trying to describe this place any more than… Awesome. The pictures are mainly grabs from the video I took so the quality is a bit rough. Tokyo Robot show4 DSC00839 DSC00843 DSC00851 Tokyo Robot show3 Robot boxing Tokyo Robot show2 Tokyo Robot show1 Clip #331 Clip #34 Clip #33

It might not be very obvious from the pictures but there were real robots not only people dressed up, but it all added to a very strange night. I put a quick video up on youtube that can be seen here:

One Response to “Tokyo Robot restaurant 2014”

  1. Craig July 21, 2014 at 01:00 #

    Very (very) cool 😀

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