Conion V-121f Boombox restoration and upgrade

27 Aug

This was a long but fun project.

80’s box with a media server built in to the case. Controllable by using a remote app on your smart phone. It has a lithium battery to power it, the charging circuit is wired in to the ‘beat cancel’ switch on the back.

or click this link to watch if the above video doesnt work:

The finished box. It actually comes apart in to 4 separate pieces like a mini component system, but I didn’t take a photo in that layout:

DSC01422 DSC01425 DSC01424 DSC01423

It didn’t start off so clean, the tape head was a bit dusty:


The tape belts had turned to goo:



After cleaning up the internals the case got a scrub in the sink…


The plastic case had gone a nice yellow colour, I found a recipe for Retr0bright which you basically use to coat the case before wrapping it in Gladwrap and putting it in the sun to let the UV do its thing.


Raspberry Pi computer, battery and charging circuit being tested:



Configuring the software was pretty easy once I had it powered up and connected:



2 Responses to “Conion V-121f Boombox restoration and upgrade”

  1. Amz August 27, 2016 at 09:13 #

    You great big geek!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Put my order in please!!!

  2. Pongsiri August 30, 2016 at 00:51 #

    cool!!!!! love it

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