Georgia Gun Club. November 2016

19 Jan

Nestled oddly between a Childcare/School, a Church and a waffle house sits the Georgia Gun Club:


Its pretty flash looking, kinda like a government building or something.

After a going through a few clips on the AR15, we had a fair amount of 9mm ammo that “needed” to be used up, since it only seems to get used when I come to stay, who am I to complain so we spent quite a few hours going through box after box of 9mm. Unfortunately my skills with a hand gun are really lacking and the practise didn’t really seem to help, it was fun tho.

On the way out of the range I saw this:


So another visit was required.

This thing is a beast .50 cal sniper rifle. Its usually operated by a 3 man team, and shoots so far that when you fire it you need to take not only the wind in to account but also the earths curvature!



Lets doo dis! It was $10 a shot so I only did 2…

If the video doesn’t work open it here: 

To give you an idea how big the shells are for this here it is lined up against a shotgun shell, 9mm, 38 and 22.


Apart from the bruised cheek, pretty good attempt for a first timer.

2 Responses to “Georgia Gun Club. November 2016”

  1. Chrissy January 19, 2017 at 11:50 #

    Woweeeee! LOVE the video. Next time, I want to tag along.

    • lo-fi January 19, 2017 at 16:51 #

      Fo sure! Might want to work your way up to the .50cal its kick is pretty brutal.

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