24 Jan

My steering installed on the ‘wrongside’

Probably one of the more difficult problems Ive had to solve on the truck is the steering linkage. First the Steering rack was touching the oil pan, so I had to put spacers on the engine mounts and grind a chunk out of the oil pan. Then finding a way to connect the steering column to the rack without going through my headers, required getting a specialised Universal joint from Unisteer that allowed for more than the standard 30 deg angle. I also needed to fabricate a small bracket to hold a rod end support. Some funky angles as you can see below.

But it operates smoothly and that’s the main thing.

The back end of the truck needs to be low (since the front will ride pretty low) but the chassis rails are in the way so we’ll cut them out, I’d like to do everything on this truck myself… but I left this part to a pro (Thanks Tony!)

The cut-off wheel wasn’t enough, I was struggling to watch as the gas axe came out and sliced though my frame:

With the chassis cut, Tony fabricated a couple of C-notches that would support a WW I tank and begun welding them in.

C-notches in and a lick of paint:

Change of topic. Here are a couple of shots from up the mountain in Colorado, we were really lucky with the weather and snow conditions.

This one was in Keystone village:

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