Crenshaw/Skid Row/Downtown LA 2018

9 Jun

Just a bunch of photos from walking around exploring the city.

I like the lighting in this tunnel

Heaps of nice throw-ups around downtown.

By the time I realised this was on, it was sold out:

There is a huge homeless problem in LA, if you visit Skidrow its impossible to not be affected by it, I didn’t take any photos as it felt a bit weird since this was peoples homes. Also its probably not that wise to whip out a camera when people are struggling to eat. I didn’t feel particularly unsafe, but I’m not rushing to come back in the middle of the night.

Nothing strange to see here, Ferrari’s parked next to people living in tents.

I don’t get sick of this Californian blue sky.



2 Responses to “Crenshaw/Skid Row/Downtown LA 2018”

  1. lloydois at 18:43 #

    Yes, had similar feelings about skid row which I wandered into inadvertently.  You will see what Downtown will become in a few years – certainly being revitalised but it’s st l ill a very weird part of LA.  The scale of it is so inhuman, it really doesn’t inspire you to stick around though the Broad is fantastic! 

  2. Craig Omundsen at 10:43 #

    Very cool pics.

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