PCB’s for the Tape Delay project

4 Nov

Since the last circuit failed, Ive made some “proper” boards:

Last time I used this method was about 15years ago… If you photocopy (lazer) the circuit in reverse to some glossy paper, you can use a high temp iron to transfer the pattern to copper laminate board, once its on, soak it in some water and remove the paper

Unfortunately I only have a mini travel iron that wouldn’t output enough heat, so many of the tracks were weak.

Fixed up the traces that didn’t stick, with a sharpie:

Kitchen sink is always a good place for dangerous acids:

After the acid bath:

Clean the toner off and you’re left with some (slightly patchy) copper traces:

Not the greatest soldering, but its on there.


3 Responses to “PCB’s for the Tape Delay project”

  1. Ben at 17:14 #

    I remember doing this 15 years ago! Wondering why we were getting a connection that was impossible, except for the stainless benchtop!

    • lo-fi at 18:32 #

      That still cracks me up, when I think about that.

  2. indyjones2014 at 01:09 #

    You’re pretty smart big brother

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