So-Cal Compton Throwdown – 27th October 2018

8 Nov

The last weekend in October was the So-Cal 2018 Throwdown.

Held at Centennial High in Compton C.A. there were loads of quality rides.

The owners and spectators were really friendly, had some amusing conversations ranging from Vanilla Ice hahah (I think I was the only white guy there…) to: would I be able to get their car in “Street Machine” magazine.. Good times.

Click the image for full size.


If those photos weren’t enough to put you to sleep, then there is some video here:


2 Responses to “So-Cal Compton Throwdown – 27th October 2018”

  1. Tony Ibbotson at 13:31 #

    Looks awesome!

    Hope you are well.

    Big match with England this weekend, you going to get to watch it?

    We are in Melb for the Aus Design Awards, been nominated for a few but won’t win anything.

    Need to catch up soon.

    Will try and give you a shout next weekend.

    Chur ……………………………………..


    P: +61(2)8231 9977 M: +61(0)422 404 976

    Studio 10, 50 Reservoir Street Surry Hills NSW Australia 2010


  2. Craig Omundsen at 09:36 #


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