Its alive!

18 Nov

After after making one board in reverse, trashing that, repeating and soldering all the components, the new circuit tested OK.

Now I need to fit it all back in the original case and mount the 4 controls for: tape/delay speed, wet/dry mix, number of repeats and output level

The original plan was to fit everything in to the battery compartment, which may have worked but it was a real tight fit. So I removed the builtin speaker and used that space. The battery door has the input and output jacks mounted on it.

This case was in the worst condition out of the 3 tape decks I bought, so I could paint it, but will more likely leave it as is. This project ended up being a bit of a mission after all my failed attempts.

Overall I’m really happy with it, it sounds really good and if you crank up the levels, it will self oscillate and go a bit crazy. I have about $60 in it. There is a guy that sells equivalent (more likely better!) ones, but they are around $1000 so I think I’ll stick with this.

If you want to see/hear what it does click here:

The audio is recorded through the camera mic so its not the greatest.

4 Responses to “Its alive!”

  1. Tony Ibbotson at 17:27 #

    My head just exploded!

    You around for a chat next weekend? Sorry I missed you this weekend I was doing jobs all day Sat as we have people coming over at 3 and I need to make our house look like it never does πŸ™‚ ……………………………………..


    P: +61(2)8231 9977 M: +61(0)422 404 976

    Studio 10, 50 Reservoir Street Surry Hills NSW Australia 2010


  2. Paul at 01:08 #

    caught up with ya Mrs lately………?

    • lo-fi at 09:51 #

      hahah I assume that you are suggesting I have too much spare time… you’re not incorrect.

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